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30 Days of Social Media Content Calendar: That Can Save Your Life

Have you ever tried getting 2 hours of sleep in 8 hours?

Sounds crazy I know. But what if there is a magic loophole to help you save your time.

Let’s rephrase it to your liking, have you toiled hours and hours for ONE social media post. Have you felt drained because of long working hours on 1 post?

Do you feel you are out of ideas after posting once on your platform and keep thinking about what’s next?

Well, are you trying to get 2 hours of sleep in 8 hours here?

If yes, then I have a magic loophole for you which will vanish all your worries. What if I tell you that you will increase your efficiency by 95%. Real fantasy am I right. It is so systematized that you will only use 10 mins of your time to post daily from down to 230 mins average posting-time on social media platforms. 

The magic key I’m talking about is the 30-day social media content calendar.

Now you will ask what is a social media content calendar?

Once you reach the end after reading this blog you’ll find a tested and proven social media calendar template which you can use immediately by using the steps in the blog.

Why Do You Need a Social Media Content Calendar?

Heart and Mind at Peace

With reduced stress by knowing what you will be posting next as the content an advance planned out the layout for you for every week, the content calendar is designed especially keeping in mind your ease and usability,

Competitive Advantage Over the Competition

Get a step ahead in your competition by being digitally visible on social media and increase an engaged fan base for your social media handle.

Meaningful Connections With Your Customers:

A business needs personal connection with your followers by getting to know them better to understand their needs and wants.

Command and Positive Effect

Being an expert in your field needs you to build authority and influence with your brand.

Increase Leads and Sales

You can build a community of customers that trust your brand to return to be repeated customers with the help of referrals.

Excited Followers

Would you like to have fans who rave about your brand? With the right followers, you can actually get it!. 

Who Can Use a Social Media Calendar?

Anyone from small to medium business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, for new start-ups who want to increase their social media fanbase along with social media engagement rate. I’ve especially designed it for someone who dreams about increasing their sales along with commanding social media influence.

Now, you might not know when to post, what needs to be the frequency of the post, and planning to work on these crucial tasks might eat in hours of your precious time. I’m here to relieve off the unnecessary stress of content creation and design in one product of social media calendar.

The Social Media Content calendar is designed specifically to help you or to guide you to get your desire state of social media posts.

The Benefits of Social Media Content Calendar

Save Time by Being Organized

If you want to maintain a continuous social media presence then you will have to regularly post on your platforms. And if you want to maintain consistency in the posts then you will have to put a huge amount of effort, time, and attention to detail in content creation research.

If you fail to provide the time and efforts needed to post consistently then you might fail to extend the social media reach organically as the algorithm won’t support you and you will eventually lose interest.

I’ve got just the solution that will turn the possibility of regular posts without a hassle a reality by the social media content calendar. It is possible because all social media calendar needs are 10mins of your days’ time. If you can spare 10 mins of your time for a consistent post of your brand then this is just the thing for you.

With a social media content calendar, you will be ahead of your competition as well as your social media feed by your consistent posts.

Save Your Hard-Earned Money

Graphic designers now a day’s charge 500 rupees per social media post. Let us consider this as the minimum amount you will be charged for a consistent post of 3 weeks for a single social media channel. So, let us calculate it for 15 posts. Now onto some maths, 15(posts) * 500=7500 rupees of payment for consistent social media posts per month to the graphic designer plus the additional charges of the fee.

Won’t it be cool if you don’t need to hire an expensive graphics designer? You can save more money! That money can be put to use to get more sales. Now, how do you think is it possible? The answer is a social media content calendar, it contains all the templates needs to post on all the social media platforms.

All you need to do is add text in the template and you are ready to go. It takes just 5mins of your time to post on your social media channel.

Post Constantly and Frequently

If you want followers, recognition, branding as well as rule your follower’s mind and heart, there is no shortcut apart from posting consistently on your platform.

But you might be wondering why do I exactly need to post so consistently on social media?

This is a common question, even though I had the same question in mind. Through research and experimentation, I was able to finally find the answer to it. Don’t worry I won’t disclose it to you, go ahead and research your heart out.

Oh! Cheer up I’m here to help. I’ll share what I found out with you. The secret behind it is that posting once a while in a week or two is not supported by any algorithm. When you consistently post on your channel the algorithm is designed in a way to organically increase your reach if you post quality and informative content on regular basis. If you share consistently then your posts will enter in the feed, people will like and share it once it reaches them only if the content is informative. They will comment on your post only when they find it interesting, this will, in turn, create brand awareness and will build trust to be a recognized brand. 

But how will this happen?

 Yes, through consistent posts.

However, it is easier said than done with everyone’s busy routine. You’ll have to search for content ideas, then design graphics for it, then make a catchy headline. By now you will know that this is not an easy task and it is extremely time-consuming.

If you find a pre-scripted solution then it would be like you have stuck to digital gold. And yes, we have made exactly what you need: a 30-day social media calendar that will help you post premium content consistently and use your time effectively and efficiently. All you need to do is type in the text and the social media content calendar will do all the work for you!

Make Fewer Misprints

When it comes to being a reliable brand you need to be perfect in every post. Let us suppose that you posted something really important on your social media channel and after a while, you are flooded with comments that there are typos and errors in the post. What do you think will be your brand’s reputation? You can imagine what a simple post can do to a brand! These are the basics that build or breaks a brand on social media.

Hence, the social media content calendar has a grammar and spell check in it so that you don’t have to worry about it. You will save a huge amount of time to invest in the work that is really crucial for your brand. You can even share the social media calendar templates with your team members to have a quick look over.

Track Performance That Works Best for You

Social media marketing is equally important as high-quality content with consistent posts. You won’t get the desired results if you post poor content on your channel. It’ll fail because there is a lack of strategy of what and when to post on your social media.

For this, you need a master plan. And you will require a track record of how are you implementing this master plan. In this plan, we check if your post every week or every fortnight or every month is working or not?

No More working hard for Content Idea

One of the biggest stressors in social media marketing is what should I post next? It is so time consuming that it takes hours and hours of time to just search for research ideas. And after investing so much time there are times when you have nothing for the time missed.

Let us suppose you have your content idea; it doesn’t mean that you are done. Now, you have to create a catchy headline which is exciting for the readers. Alright, now you have a content idea and the catchy headline for it but you still have more work to do. You still need to decide on the graphics, such as a brand color that represents your brand best. This is not at all an easy task, you need to learn graphic design or higher a graphics designer who will design for you which is quite expensive for a work of regular consistent posts. To put an end to the endless struggle of workload and tackle it by being ready with 30 days of social media content calendar.

How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

You can create your own social media content calendar if you follow the following steps:

Review Your Social Media and Content

First, you need to open your social media channel and note down every post you made and audit it by filtering out the posts with the most and least likes, comments, and shares.

Do Competitor Probing

The second crucial step is to do research of your competitors’ accounts to check what is generally going on in the area, see what they are posting and you might find more inspiration for more content ideas.

Follow Trends

If you want to be with the times in social media marketing and have you need to show your own social media presence then you need to follow the social media trends and adapt to it. Let me explain with an example.

Recently the reach for organic reach for Instagram posts and story has been decreased and has increased for Instagram reel. If you want to keep trending then you need to adapt to the new changes to Instagram to maximize on Instagram reel.

Create a List of Content Ideas

You need to create a draft next about competitor research and audit your own channel then analyse the trends and decide what to post on social media.

Create Some Sample Design Using Canva

Now that you have your content idea ready, you need to work on the graphic design which will help your brand with brand color with the help of canva graphic design tools.

Create Post Templates

You need to choose a canva design template to make your social media content with the help of post templates.

What Is Inside the Social Media Content Calendar

3o days social media content calendar

30+ premium canva design templates

30+ High engaging Headline Templates for your social media pos

Social media content calendar planner

How to Use a Social Media Content Calendar?

It is very easy to use u just need to follow some steps and  within 5 min you are ready with your social media post

Step1: Open your google doc or excel sheet with the 30 days content ideas.

Step 2: Check what day it is to post the post for the day. 

Step 3: Then go to canva design template which is provided in the same document. 

Step 4: You can edit canva templates by downloading the canva template.

Step 5: Now you can post it and you are done!!!

Download our Social Media Content Calendar

We already have worked with many entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners to grow and we know the pain all too well as we ourselves have gone through all this mess to create our presence online.

 We have planned some online content strategy and managed ad accounts and social profiles for their companies and got real results while testing these methods. Over time we realized when it came to social media, most of our clients were facing very similar issues.

They failed to get more content ideas and did not know what to post when to post, and how to build their audience. Plus, it took them too much time to create their social media content. So in the end we curated it exclusively for you. 

Custom Social Media Content Calendar

In case you want a more customised social media content calendar for your business as per your requirement I can customize it to your brand color, all the social media design templates for your brand and 30 day social media calendar ideas according to your niche and many more things are included in the custom calendar if you are interested we are just a ping away.

I hope you have clarity on the social media content calendar.

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